GVT-Fleet-Camera – Vehicle Video Telematics uses MDVR and Telematics technology to create a single box Video Vehicle Telematics and Tracking Solution. It is a real-time on-board vehicle surveillance solution that allows real-time streaming of video footage and exception reporting on incidents configured for ease of management. Fleet-Camera 1080P HD is a deep installed device with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and 2TBonboard data storage options.


  • Built-in high performance Hisilicon chipsets, coded with H.264 standard, high compression rate and image quality.
  • 4CH AV Inputs with AHD 1080P/720P/960H/D1/CIF optional, 1CH synchronized AV output, 1CH VGA output.
  • 4CH (or 8CH) local recording with 1080P (1080N) resolution in real time
  • 4G Real Time Monitoring with configurable Events Alerts such as; (Speeding, SOS Panic, Door Open/Close, PTO etc.). Event Pre-Record & Post-Record
  • Realtime GPS Location and Tracking reporting in default 10sec intervals
  • 4x Digital Inputs, 5 x RS232 Inputs, 1x Alarm Output, Remote Immobilization.
  • G-Sensor (Accelerometer) for incident and accident notification.
  • OTA Firmware Upgrade.
  • Cargo Temperature recording, dual sensor.


  • Professional In-Vehicle power design,8-36V DC Wide Voltage Range
  • Multi protection circuits like under-voltage, short, reversed plug-in
  • Smart power management system, shutdown under low voltage, low consumption


  • Special file management system to encrypt and protect the data
  • Proprietary technology to detect the bad track of the hard drive which can make sure the continuity of video and long service life of the hard drive
  • Built-in ultra capacitor, avoid data loss and SD card damage caused by sudden power outage
  • Support 2.5-inch HDD/SSD, standard 480 GB, maximum 2TB
  • Support SD card storage, maximum 256GB = 4 Cameras 24/7 recording +/- 2 weeks
  • Support hard disk (experience heating issues)


  • Support 3G/4G transmission, LTE/HSUPA/HSDPA/WCDMA/EVDO/TD-SCDMA
  • Support GPS/BD optional, high sensitivity, fast positioning


Fleet-Camera Real-Time Video streaming and Telematics can be viewed on a desktop computer, 3G Tablet or smart phone.      NOTE:    3,4G SIM card need to be installed The software provides pre-configured alarms, which are received in real-time for immediate response by support staff/agents. In addition, live monitoring, remote management and playback analysis is available.

  • Supports all traditional Reports and Maps
  • Supports events and exception notifications by Pop Up, Email or SMS
  • SMS notifications
  • Geozones can be created by vehicle with configurable real-time notifications
  • Email or SMS alerts regarding unauthorised vehicle movement
  • Vehicle arrival or departure into predefined areas configurable for proactive management
  • Live and Historical Remote Download of Video Files via 3G/4G Network
  • Pre-recording & Post-recording
  • Android, I-Phone APP for Phones and Tablets
  • Supports Multi Screen mode for viewing on Large Screen in Control Room.
  • Support Max 100 Screen Displays
  • User Access is password protected
  • Vehicles can be grouped by Cost Centre/Branch


  1. Dual Camera –Windscreen Mount

  2. Dual Camera window mounted facing Road and In-Cab. Automatic IR (Infra-Red) CUT day and night conversion, clear and meticulous colour Realistic high-quality picture, the configuration of infrared light at night Image excellent. Resolution 1080P AHD Quality records highest resolution footage for clear viewing of any recording or incident. Wide Angle (170 Degrees) allows to capture full inside view of vehicle (window to Window) and forward facing to prevent any loss of crucial evidence.    Build-in Mic for listening purposes

  3. External View Wide Angle

  4. Automatic IR (Infra-Red) CUT day and night conversion, clear and meticulous colour Realistic high-quality picture, the configuration of infrared light at night Image excellent Resolution 1080P AHD Quality records highest resolution footage for clear viewing of any recording or incident. Wide Angle (170 Degrees) IP68 Rated

  5. Starlight Vision External Camera

  6. Starlight night vision offers superior night vision than typical infrared night cameras. The image clarity and quality of starlight cameras offer color at night even in low lighting conditions. IR cameras must use infrared to offer a better image at night. GVT-Fleet-Cam are the first to offer Starlight cameras in the mobile asset camera space. The name is synonymous with color at night technology and offers impressive results.


Starlight cameras offer special starlight sensors that provide improved night vision during low light conditions. Starlight allows the cameras to see things the naked eye cannot. The human eye has a hard time identifying objects when Lux levels (light levels) drop below 20 Lux. Starlight cameras offer better visibility even in 0 Lux conditions.These clearer images allow for full colour and more detail to be observed during dark scenes.


FleetCam (Pty) LTD delivers quality projects and training. All installations will be detailed to the point of photos been taken to ensure accuracy and uniformity. A standard Vehicle Installation Profile is used to maintain a high standard of quality for all installations. We understand that installations will need to be implemented 24/7. This will be done at no additional cost to GV-TECH besides travelling where applicable.


The VVT hardware installation, software consulting and commissioning will be done by factory trained technicians and product certified consultants. The end user training will ensure that the users are competent to use the software. We suggest that GV-TECH identify a product owner who will understand the full functionality of the software validation processes to assist the other users and ensure that the system is maintained correctly.


As part of our continuous drive for SERVICE EXCELLENCE, GV-Tech (Pty) LTD will provide ongoing telephonic support to GV-TECH Our quality customer service and support programme will ensure a quicker turnaround of calls and continuity of communication.


This is an optional service. GV-Tech (Pty) LTD has a 24/7/365 Monitoring Control Room specifically structured to attend to Stolen Vehicles and Hi-Jack assistance. This is done on a national basis; the Control Room is situated in Pretoria. Note: SIM card must be installed.


All equipment furnished under this proposal will be covered by the manufacturers’ warranties as outlined below:


  • This quotation is open for acceptance for a period of 30 days from date hereof.
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT
  • Prices exclude travelling, accommodation and S&T where applicable. Installations done at GV-TECH yard, 60KM Round Trip no charge, thereafter R3.88 p/km will be charged.
  • Outright Purchase option quoted requires 50% deposit on order and the balance on delivery. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Rental option is subject to approval by a Financial Institute that we will facilitate on your behalf and signed contract prior to installation.
  • Rental quoted includes options over 36Months and is subject to 10% annual escalation.
  • A confirmed acceptance of the proposal and roll out plan is required, and an official company order where applicable.
  • Supplied subject to GVT- Fleet-Cam Standard Terms & Conditions, available.

An SLA is available on request which includes all spares and labour but excludes tampering and travelling.

Contact Information:

Email: sales@gvtech.co.za Tel: 012 331 8223 or 083 379 7879