About US

GVTECH offers total solutions by using a single or a combination of products to give the customer the solution they require. 24/7 support

We create solutions for certain markets by using a combination of products that make it a unique solution.

GVTECH support the GeoVision product since 1999.

GeoVision is our preferred product due to our vast knowledge of the product since 1999. GeoVision offers a total solution - from DVR, NVR and Ai VMS a full control room solution with integration of Access Control, ANR, Ai Face recognition, People counting, Human detection, vehicle classification with frequent updates of duplications making the product standing out above the rest in the market.


We also market AVLYTIC an Ai solution that work with any CCTV system on the market. It sends a motion alarm directly to the control room and into Telegram once it detects Human, Vehicle and Animal.

We Offer Fleet Camera Solutions

GV-Cam Fleet management and Vehicle Camera Solutions using advanced onboard cameras, live video and incident streaming & recording as well as driver behaviour management all interconnected through our telematics and live vehicle tracking platform.

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